Benjamin Netanyahu’s criticism of Gaza ceasefire: Hamas threatens to fire missiles for months

Beirut / Tel Aviv
Hamas has warned of a ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. Hamas has said it has a stockpile of missiles and could carry out a fierce attack on Israel for several months to come. With the battle for Gaza gradually subsiding and the ceasefire, a senior Hamas official gave the serious warning in an interview on Thursday. On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is gravely engulfed in the house making compromises with Hamas.

Hamas official Osama Hamdan said the extremist Palestinian group “had no shortage of missiles” and could continue to fire missiles at Israel for several months if it wished. Osama Hamdan said so hours before Israel declared a ceasefire in the ruthless 11-day war with Hamas extremists. Thursday night’s announcement said an Egyptian proposal had been accepted.

Hamdan said that the invisible Hamas commander, Mohammed Deaf, whom Israel has sought for decades, is alive and still in charge of military operations in Gaza. Deaf aka Abu Khalid has been Israel’s most wanted target so far in Gaza. He survived several attempts by Israel to assassinate him and has rarely appeared in public.

Israeli media said there had been unsuccessful attempts to kill him twice more during the current Israeli-Hamas war. It was the fourth time in a decade. Hamdan said Deaf is still “the chief of operations and the direction of joint operations” of the military wing of Hamas, the Kasam Brigade and other factions. The officer did not provide any evidence to support this statement. In the interview, Hamdan said his group could continue to bomb Israel for months if it wanted. However, he also expressed confidence in the ceasefire. Hamdan is a member of the powerful, decisive Hamas political bureau.

In the meantime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been gravely swallowed up by a compromise with Hamas. Some of Netanyahu’s political allies are angry. These allies also warned Netanyahu. New Hope chief Gideon Saar sharply criticized the government. Saar said the ceasefire would negatively impact Israel’s resolve. He said that the implementation of this ceasefire would amount to strengthening Hamas. It would harm Israeli interests. The Saar has said that in the future the country will have to pay its price.

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