Bernie Sanders Mittens: Bernie Sanders Viral Meme Winter Jacket and Mittens: Bernie Sanders Viral Meme Winter Jacket and Gloves

Celebrities who arrived at the swearing-in ceremony for new US President Joe Biden were in one of the outfits. If someone had chosen a formal black coat, then a designer would give the dress a style statement. However, one of the most discussed after the ceremony is US Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The special thing is that Bernie’s photos went viral because he preferred comfort over fashion.

Why wear these clothes?
Bernie arrived at the ceremony dressed in his famous winter jacket and mitton (gloves). He was sitting very tight in his chair. After that, some people found it cute and others smelled it. When Sanders was asked about it on The Late Night Show with Seth Meyers, he gave a simple response – “I was just sitting there trying to stay warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on.” He said he too had seen the mimes built on him.

What is the special feature of the dress?
Its erasures were also special as it was created by Jane Ellis, a teacher from Vermont. Sanders said: ‘The good thing is that Mitton was created by a woman living in Essex who is a teacher and a very good person. He is very excited about the reaction that comes to his erasure. The demand for their erasure has also increased.

Even more special erasure
Jane said she made these woolen mittens from old sweaters and put on chips from recycled plastic bottles that kept them warm. Earlier, Sanders told CBS that the impact of winter in Vermont was understandable. People don’t care too much about fashion, focus on the heat.

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