Bertrand Ndongo charges Vox after his threat to expel Serigne Mbayé: “He screwed up”

Publication: Monday, April 5, 2021 11:07 PM

Vox activist Bertrand Ndongo, who rose to prominence on social networks following his defense of the far-right formation, is now attacking his party after threatening to deport Serigne Mbayé, spokesperson for the Union Manteros and United We Can candidate for the next 4M elections, despite the fact that he has Spanish nationality.

“There Vox screwed up, he made a mistake. I think whoever wrote this comment should correct or at least explain the meaning of this comment,” Ndongo said, in a video posted on his social networks.

“He has Spanish nationality, so I don’t know how they are supposed to expel him,” he adds, responding to Vox’s racist post on Instagram, in which Santiago Abascal’s party promised to deport Mbayé after learning of his incorporation into the list of the purple formation, led by former vice-president Pablo Iglesias.

“He is Spanish, he has all the rights like any other citizen of Spanish nationality. The truth is that it is a mistake. If you really want to send a message that he is not racist, well, bad”, added the supporter and advisor of Vox, of Cameroonian origin.

In his video, Ndongo also blames the party for his comment after defending it: “What you are doing is giving ammunition to those who treat you as racist,” he said, although he claimed to have “The conviction that the Vox party is not a racist party. “When you read these kinds of comments, you ask yourself questions,” he adds, however.

“Serigne is a Spanish citizen of Spanish nationality who can attend any election like any other citizen. Therefore, he cannot be expelled without further delay”, he insists.

Ndongo’s words are the result of a xenophobic post Vox uploaded to his Instagram Stories, in which he echoed Mbayé’s signing for Iglesias’ candidacy, with the phrase: “We’re going to kick him out. ” A racist message to which various members of Podemos have expressed their rejection:

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