Best of Double Fine is coming to Xbox Game Pass in November

Right before the launch of its new next-gen consoles, Microsoft announced many new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass.

“We have more games coming to Xbox Game Pass on console, PC and Android devices,” writes Microsoft’s Megan Spurr. “This month is full of comfy games, remastered classics, spooky adventures and more.”

What’s new with Xbox Game Pass in November

Before the launch of the Xbox Series X | S, there are a number of games that we highly recommend. Some of the best titles Tim Schafer has ever worked on are coming to Xbox Game Pass. We will see the titles that will arrive in the coming weeks.

Last week of October

October 27 Carto (console and PC) October 29 Day of Tentacle Remastered (console and PC) October 29 Five Nights at Freddy’s (Android, Console and PC) October 29 Full Throttle Remastered (console and PC) October 29 Grim Fandango Remastered (console and PC) October 29 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Android) October 29 ScourgeBringer (Android) October 29 Unruly Heroes (Android, console and PC)

The best titles Double Fine, in charge of the remastering of Lucas Arts classics. With SourgeBringer coming to xCloud and the great Unruly Heroes, great for playing with friends.

Also, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, the Battle Royale with which Fortnite competed. If you like first person action games, you are going to love it.

First and second week of November

Celeste (Android, console and PC) Comanche (PC) Deep Rock Galactic (Android, console and PC) Eastshade (Android, console and PC) Knights and Bikes (console and PC) November 17 Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s Edition (Android, console and PC)

In the first week of November, we’ll have five new titles coming to Game Pass. Different types of titles to satisfy all players. Check them to download them as soon as they are available.

And that ends on the 17th with the arrival of Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox Game Pass. It will reach both PC, console and xCloud. An ideal title to play with friends and have a good time.

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