Bet on US primary elections: US elections: historic speculation of $ 46 million, 70% chance of Donald Trump winning, Biden not yet released – bet on Donald Trump against Joe Biden in US primary elections

The vote count in the United States is in its final stage. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election are highest for the first time. In such a situation, betting on the trump started in Sattabazar all over the world. Initially, Biden led with a 69% chance, but Trump’s chances of winning increased as the vote counted in swing states. Even Trump’s odds of victory reached 76.9%.

Biden can come back
Based on the latest assessment, 70% chance of winning Trump. “He hasn’t won yet but it looks like he can win,” McGbet, co-creator of, told Fox News. However, Lott says that despite the current circumstances, there are still no conclusive results and Biden could be back in the race.

The biggest bet of all time
These speculative markets are located outside the United States, particularly in Europe. It is illegal to bet on politics in America. According to Oddschecker, the election taking place amid the corona virus outbreak is the event with the highest speculation of $ 46 million in history. According to the voted PA, so far, Biden has received 6.75,76,135 votes while Trump has received 6.57,06,244 votes. Biden has 238 electoral votes and Trump’s count has 213 votes.

Converted fort tower
President Donald Trump was converted at Trump Tower Fort in Manhattan, New York, amid the vote count in the United States. Large numbers of armed security officers surrounded the Trump Tower with their trucks. On the other hand, the police chief warned that if the unrest spreads after the election results, it will seal parts of the city. Current President Donald Trump once lived in this house.

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