Bhutan border village between China and Bhutan: global time trapped in its own network, China has settled on the lands of Bhutan itself

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China’s official Silent Global Times is trapped in its own net, mistakenly believes that China has established the village of Pangda in Bhutan, in images released by Global Times.
China’s official Siren Global Times got caught in its own net and accidentally but rightly assumed that China had taken possession of Bhutan’s land and settled the village of Pangda. The Global Times claimed on Monday that the village of Pangda, located near the border with Bhutan, is inside the Chinese border, but images released by it show that the Chinese village has been settled in a controversial area between Bhutan and China.

Global Times said the village of Pangda was recently relocated and people relocated there in September. Satellite images have revealed that China has built a 9 km stretch of roads in the eastern region of the Doklam Plateau, in addition to setting up a Chinese village within two kilometers of the Bhutan border. Previously, the Bhutan ambassador to India denied that this village falls under his territory.

According to public documents, according to public documents, officials from Yadong County in southwest Tibet confirmed that 124 people from 27 houses in Shangdui village voluntarily moved to Pangda village in September. He also said that the village is located 35 km from the county. He said that a plaza, a health room, a school, a supermarket and a police room have been built in this village.

A Chinese newspaper also published a disputed map
In fact, China is building houses for ordinary citizens in the disputed areas and forcing them to stay there in order to strengthen their claim over that area. A similar trick has been shown by China in the South China Sea. The Chinese newspaper also published a disputed map and claimed that the village is located on the border with China. This area is located east of the Indo-Bhutan-China trijunction. In this map of China, Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh are part of China.

In a Global Times article, the Chinese expert instead accused India of being responsible for the unresolved border between China and Bhutan and of preventing border negotiations. Chinese expert Kian Feng said: “The border dispute between China and Bhutan is very minor, but it has not yet been officially decided because India opposes it.

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