Bhutan China Village in Doklam: missiles, bunkers, villages … China built a “ fort ” when entering Bhutan, eyeing India’s “ Chicken Neck ”

In 2017, after the mouth of the Indian army, China made large-scale fortifications inside the Doklam region. Satellite images reveal that China has built a 9 km road in the same area, in addition to setting up a Chinese village less than two kilometers from the Bhutan border on the eastern side of the Doklam Plateau. It is believed that this route provided an alternative route for the Chinese military to Jomplary Hill. Previously, the Indian military prevented China from reaching this hill until 2017. If China reaches this point, it will have a direct look at the Indian Chicken Neck.

Chinese dragon eyeing India’s ‘chicken neck’

In 2017, the Chinese army’s construction team wanted to expand their route and make way for Jomplary Hill. This route would pass through the Indian Army’s Doka La Post which was located between the border of Sikkim and Dokla. The Indian military had prevented the Chinese construction team from working there. In fact, if China had access to the mountainous Jompelri region, it could now keep a direct eye on the Siliguri Corridor, known as the Chicken Neck of India. The strategically important Siliguri Corridor connects the Indian continent to the northeastern states. Sensing the same Chinese threat, the Indian army had blocked the Chinese route.

China is gradually changing the status quo in Doklam

According to NDTV’s report, now three years later, the Chinese construction team is working on a new road up to Jomplary Hill. China dug a road along the Torsa River and is now being built on the border with Bhutan. Strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellani said: “ The Chinese military has left the 2017 stalemate because it is at a corner of Doklam. But step by step, they are constantly changing the status quo of Doklam. By virtue of this, they built permanent housing and roads, even a village on the plateau. No one lived in this whole area three years ago.

China deploys missiles near Doklam, builds helipad

Open source intelligence analyst Detresfa reported that China has now built bunkers to contain surface-to-air missiles, helipads and weapons to prevent any air strikes in India in the region. took. A clear example of the creation of a Chinese village on the east side of Doklam was found when Shane Shwei, senior producer of Chinese state-owned television station CGTN, shared some photos of a village on Thursday. He tweeted: “Our citizens now live in the newly built Pangda village. It is 35 km south of Yadong country. Shane later deleted the tweet as the controversy escalated.

Bhutan ambassador refuted, pictures shown in construction

This was denied by the Bhutan ambassador to New Delhi after reports of the Chinese occupation in Indian media. On the other hand, satellite images taken by Maxor show that there has been a lot of construction work in the Torsa River Valley area throughout this year. Along with the roads, China has built a new military storage bunker. Meanwhile, Bhutan’s ambassador, Major General Watsop Namgyel, said there are no Chinese villages on the Bhutan border. Explain that there is a border dispute between Bhutan and China and the two countries are in talks to resolve it. According to the report, China follows an underhanded policy of inch-by-inch increases not only in Ladakh but also on the eastern border. Brahma Chelani says that Bhutan is a guarantee of India’s security and that New Delhi cannot be blind to aggressive activity in Doklam in China.

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