Bhutan Covid Vaccine Adults: Nikkala Bhutan ahead of Israel and America, 93% of adults were vaccinated against kovid-19 in 16 days

From the first day of the start of the vaccination campaign in Bhutan, until now, the vaccination graph is increasing every day on the rise. Bhutan has overtaken Israel, the United States, Bahrain and other countries known for its rapid vaccination. In just 16 days, 93% of adults nationwide received the Kovid-19 vaccine.

It took months for these countries to get to where Bhutan has now arrived. These countries are working tirelessly to speed up the vaccination campaign in the face of increasing cases of corona virus infection. But the vaccination campaign in Bhutan is almost over, which began just 16 days ago. This small Himalayan country, located between India and China, has vaccinated around 93% of the adult population since March 27.

Bhutan is now a little behind the Seychelles
Of the country’s total population of eight lakh, 62 percent have been vaccinated. After a rapid vaccination, this small country is now slightly behind the Seychelles, which vaccinated 66 percent of its 100,000 inhabitants. Bhutan has been successful in vaccinating quickly due to its small population, but credit also goes to the dedicated civilian volunteers and cold chain stores.

Bhutan received 150,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from India in January. He came to Bhutan, his first dose of vaccine. However, they were distributed at the end of March, taking into account the auspicious dates of Buddhist astrology. When the vaccines began to manufacture, developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom had requested many doses of the vaccine for themselves, while India began to supply the corona vaccine with it to their country. neighbour.

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