Biden administration in action after U.S. Capitol violence and major domestic insurgency preparations – Biden administration announces interagency review of domestic insurgency

Security has been tightened in the United States following the January 6 attack on Trump Capital’s U.S. Capitol (Parliament Complex). New President Joe Biden, who took action at the time of the swearing-in, has begun preparations to launch a campaign against national extremism. The Biden administration has announced an interagency review of Raila activism following the violence in the capital, Washington DC.

Domestic violence is a threat to America
White House press secretary Jane Paki said on Friday that the Jan.6 attack on the Capitol and the deaths and demolitions during that time underscored what we have known for a long time. The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing threat to national security. He said the Biden administration will face this threat with the necessary resources and determination.

Biden’s administration works closely with several agencies
Paki stated that we are committed to formulating policies and strategies based on respect for the freedom provided for in the constitution with regard to facts, fairness and rigorous analysis as well as freedom of expression and political activities. . To do this, with several agencies, we are working on a global action plan.

New US president insists on three areas
He said early work on domestic violent extremism (DVE) broadly falls into three areas. First, President Joe Biden has requested a full threat assessment review from the Office of the Director of National Security (DNI) on domestic violence extremism. At the same time, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have been asked to coordinate. This assessment will be based on an analysis of all governmental and relevant NGOs.

America to establish a National Security Council
He said the important thing here is that we want factual analysis, on which we can formulate policy. Therefore, this is indeed the first step in the process and we will be relying on our legal and intelligence officials to provide this analysis. The second step would be to create a National Security Council capable of tackling domestic violence extremism. Saki said the third step is to increase coordination between key federal government departments to tackle domestic violent extremism.

5 people died in the riots on the Capitol
The riot on Capitol Hill caused the vote counting of constituencies to be temporarily halted, five people were killed and a second impeachment motion was filed against Trump. Security agencies are under scrutiny over their preparations for January 6.

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