Biden and Merrick Garland named Attorney General in action as soon as victory is officially sealed – Joe Biden announces Merrick Garland becomes United States Attorney General

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Biden appointed United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland, named Biden by Indian Vanita Gupta
Joe Biden announced the appointment of Merrick Garland as Attorney General shortly after the official seal of the US Parliament’s victory in the presidential election. Bharatvanshi Vanita Gupta will be associate attorney general. Biden said Federal Court of Appeals Judge Garland and three other attorneys have been elected to senior positions within the Justice Department, which will restore the agency’s independence and build confidence in the rule of law.

Merrick Garland is an experienced judge
Merrick Garland is a seasoned judge who served in a senior position at the Department of Justice decades ago. He also served as the prosecution supervisor in the 1995 Oklahoma bombing case. At the top positions in the Department of Justice, Lisa Monaco was announced to appoint the deputy attorney general and former chief of justice. civil rights at the Ministry of Justice Bharatvanshi Vanita Gupta as Deputy Attorney General.

Vanita Gupta as Associate Attorney General
In addition, Christen Clarke has been appointed Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Former Senators Doug Jones, D’Ella and former Deputy Attorney General Celli Yates were also candidates for the post of attorney general. The selection of two women, Gupta and Clark, with extensive experience in civil rights, shows that progressive values ​​will take priority in the new administration.

Garland to investigate tax against Biden’s son Hunter
Merrick Garland will also face tax inquiries against Biden’s son, Hunter, if he takes office. He will also have to deal with questions raised about the functioning of the Ministry of Justice in previous years. Over the years, the Democratic Party has been accused on several occasions of politicizing the Department of Justice.

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