Biden Dog Major involved in second White House bite incident: Kutta Major becomes a ‘headache’ for Biden, bites another White House man

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US President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd Dog Major Bites Another Officer
For US President Joe Biden, who loves to breed dogs, his hobby now overshadows others. Biden’s German Shepherd Dog Major bit another White House officer. This agent is an employee of the National Park Service. It is said that an employee working in the South Lawn of the White House was bitten by a dog major on Monday afternoon.

The injured employee was immediately treated by the White House medical unit. US First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michelle La Rosa told CNN that Major had just arrived at the White House and had yet to be able to protect himself. He said he was bitten by someone during the major march. The injured employee was treated immediately and has now returned to work.

Biden adopted a three-year major in 2018.
The National Park Service has yet to make any statement. Biden adopted a three-year major in 2018. He has also received a lot of training over the past 2 weeks. Earlier this month, Major also arrested another person. It is said that Monday evening, the major took the south lawn to turn the staff of a white house.

According to CNN, on March 8, because of the major, a secret service employee assigned to the White House was injured and treated by the medical team. At that time, White House press secretary Jane Paski was slightly injured in the Secret Service jawan. He said Major is trained to adapt to the new environment. He said Major was surprised to see the unknown person.

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