Biden gave Vladimir Putin personalized aviator sunglasses at the Geneva summit: Joe Biden met Putin’s biggest “enemy”, gave him “special” glasses with a strong message

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Biden held a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Putin said there was no animosity between the two during this conversation. Biden gave Putin special glasses that have now become a talking point in Geneva.
President Joe Biden, who described Russia as the biggest enemy after winning the US election, held a historic summit in Geneva on Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin said there was no animosity between the two during this conversation. After talks between Biden and Putin, the two countries agreed to send their ambassadors to the other. During this meeting, Biden gave Putin a special show, which has now become a topic of discussion.

According to a CNN report, a pair of specially designed aviator sunglasses that Biden gave to the Russian president. These glasses were prepared by an American company which supplies them to the United States military and NATO countries. Joe Biden also gifted Putin a crystal bison statue. The bison is America’s national animal.

“Strengthen your preparations against Russia and China”
By offering the NATO-associated glasses, Biden is believed to have given Putin a big message. This too when Biden attended a meeting with NATO countries in Brussels just before this summit. At the meeting, Biden reiterated his military engagement with NATO countries and called on his allies to step up their preparedness against Russia and China.

Biden gave Putin similar glasses

Rundolph USA, the manufacturer of the goggles, said they designed the HGU-4 / P Aviator sunglasses for fighter pilots. Earlier, Putin had said he and US President Joe Biden at a “constructive” summit on Wednesday would begin talks to dismiss their ambassadors to their posts and amend the final treaty that limits nuclear weapons. Putin said there was “no animosity” during the talks, which ended in less time than expected.

The question of opposition leader Alexei Navalny was also raised: Putin
Both sides had said they expected the meeting to last four to five hours but the meeting between the two leaders lasted less than three hours. This included a preliminary meeting attended by both the President and key collaborators from both. At the end of the meeting, Putin held a one-on-one press conference to explain the results, while Biden addressed reporters separately. Putin admitted that Biden raised human rights issues with him, including the case of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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