Biden hunter scandal: Biden hunter laptop reveals he spent thousands of dollars on strippers and prostitutes: Biden hunter laptop

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US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter had several large Rajahunter openings from his laptop. Biden had links to prostitutes, including text messages to a woman who was texting drugs in Washington.
An email leak from US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden has revealed a lot. He was claimed to have spent millions of dollars on prostitutes, drugs and luxury vehicles. Not only that, despite his father’s far reaching reach, Hunter also feared going to jail for tax evasion. The Daily Mail received 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, over 2,000 photos via Hunter laptop experts, which led to many more disclosures.

Afraid of going to jail by email
The Daily Mail claimed that photographs, documents, emails and text messages showed their reckless spending went into debt when they grossed more than $ 6 million from 2013 to 2016. He wrote an email when several of Hunter’s trade deals were rescinded and a federal investigation was underway against him. In this he feared to be sent to prison.

Millions of dollars spent on fancy trains and prostitutes
Hunter even threatened to withdraw money from his daughter’s education savings account. Documents show he purchased a number of luxury vehicles, including a Porsche and Audi in 2014, a Ford Raptor truck in 2018 and an $ 80,000 boat, Range Rover truck, Land Rover, BMW and Chevrolet. Hunter had also spent millions of dollars on alleged strippers and prostitutes.

Talked to the woman who supplied the girl
In April 2018, Hunter texted a woman named ‘Vicky’ saying ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Love’. He had bought plane tickets and offered a salary, offering to pay the rent for the house of the mother of this woman living in Ukraine. On February 20, 2019, Hunter texted a woman named Diana Pagano. The woman took other women via Uber to Hunter’s Hotel Room in New Haven, Connecticut.

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Discussions about drugs have also surfaced
A month later, the woman named Diana Pagano texted Hunter offering him 100 or 200 for the whole night. Not only that, this woman also offered to give Hunter drugs. Pagano was charged in November of that year with selling drugs outside his home in East Haven. After which, he was arrested by the police. However, Pagano has not been charged with a crime related to prostitution.

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