Biden, on course for victory in America, accelerates performance in country, fear of violence

Washington is eyeing the global presidential elections and the result is not visible there yet. While Democratic candidate Joe Biden is only 6 votes out of 270 electoral votes, a magical majority figure, but the Republican candidate and President Donald Trump have accused the rigging. He also reached the court. On the other hand, supporters of Trump and Biden are on the streets and 50 people have been arrested for fear of violence. Arrests in Multiple Locations Four protesters were arrested in Denver after clash with police as arrests were made after blocking traffic in Minneapolis. About 50 people were arrested Wednesday evening in New York. The tension in Portland was so high that the police called it a riot. Here, 11 people were arrested and fireworks were seized. Hammers and guns were also recovered from them. Where are the results? Trump received 213 electoral votes. However, he still remains in the presidential race, having won in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia. Apart from these, final results are also expected in Nevada. If Biden wins only Nevada, he will hit the required number of 270. On the flip side, Trump will have to win those four states to get a majority. As the vote count began in the election after supporters showed up to protest, the Trump side began to accuse Democrats of rigging the election. At the same time, anti-Trump groups have also started demonstrating in other parts of the country, including Washington. As the electoral competition becomes increasingly fierce, the protests on both sides become aggressive. Even in many places, situations like violence are expected to arise.

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