Biden Putin Summit in India: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet in Switzerland, know why India is getting happy – Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin summit in Switzerland know why India is getting happy

Washington / Moscow
President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin of the two great world superpowers, America and Russia, will meet in Switzerland on June 16 in the middle of the meeting of the G7 countries. The eyes of the world are fixed on this meeting of the two opposing leaders. Meanwhile, experts believe the meeting between Biden and Putin is very good news for India, which is facing Chinese intimidation in eastern Ladakh these days.

International affairs expert C Rajamohan, in his article for the US magazine Foreign Policy, said India was very happy with the meeting. India hopes that this meeting can pave the way for the two leaders to walk together. Rajamohan said the good relations between the United States and Russia will certainly make it easier for India to balance aggressive China.

Rajamohan said that with the improvement of relations between Russia and the United States, India will not feel alone in Asia. Many countries believe that Russia will create the possibility of talks for them amid growing tensions between China and America. At the same time, many believe that the United States and Russia are trying to downplay expectations for the summit. He also says that many difficult questions will continue to arise in the relationship between the United States and Russia.

He said Biden could restore strained relations between the two countries by meeting with Putin early in his presidency. Biden wants to crack down on the Chinese dragon who has become a bigger threat than Putin by improving relations with Russia. At the same time, he also wants to bring Europe with him to defeat China. Biden wants to change American thinking that America can deal with Russia and China simultaneously.

The international affairs expert said the traditional understanding is that Moscow and Beijing are now very closely linked and it will be very difficult for the Biden administration if it wants to separate the two. However, as tensions with Russia ease, European countries will be able to focus more on Asia and more on US efforts to balance China. India and Japan want to bring European powers, especially Britain, back into the Asian security system.

He said India and Japan wanted Russia not only to play an independent role in Asia amid Chinese aggression, but also to find a balance in the Indo-Pacific region if needed. New Delhi, Tokyo and Moscow are holding Track 2 discussions to develop a common understanding between the three countries. Let us tell you that ahead of the G7 countries meeting, US President Joe Biden prepared a plan at the G-7 summit to pressure democratic countries to boycott China over forced labor practices. . During the conference, these countries will launch an infrastructure plan to compete with China’s efforts in developing countries.

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