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Biden and Putin summit continues in Geneva Special teams of diplomats and translators from both countries are also present, trying to reach agreement on controversial issues between the United States and Russia
The summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin continues in Geneva. With smiling faces, the two leaders began the conference by shaking hands. The eyes of the whole world are fixed on this meeting of the two superpowers. It is believed that during this meeting, the two leaders will try to find solutions on many controversial issues.

Biden’s first meeting with Putin since becoming president
This is Biden’s first meeting with Putin since he became President of the United States. Previously, he had met Putin while he was vice president during Barack Obama’s tenure. Putin was the prime minister of Russia at the time of that meeting in 2011. Even then, after his return, Biden hurt Putin.

This meeting takes place in a context of extreme tension
The meeting comes at a time when leaders of the two countries believe that relations between the United States and Russia have never been so bad. Over the past four months, the two leaders have made scathing statements against each other. Biden has repeatedly criticized Putin for Russian-backed hacker cyber attacks against US interests, while Putin claims his country neither interfered in the US elections nor carried out cyber attacks.

This is the summit format
In the first phase, Biden, Putin, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will hold a secret meeting. Each part will be accompanied by a translator. After that, five senior colleagues from both sides will participate in the meeting. Full details of Biden Putin’s first meeting will not be made public.

Biden has been a striker of Russia, will he take a soft stance?
Joe Biden has been an attacker of Russian President Putin since he took office on January 20. Biden called Putin a murderer and even an opponent a few months ago. In his election speeches, Joe Biden described Russia as a greater threat than China. In such a situation, the question arises as to whether he will take a soft stance on the contested bilateral issues with Russia?

These questions can be discussed
During this meeting, issues such as trade and arms control between the United States and Russia can be discussed. The summit will cover topics such as strategic stability, cybersecurity, climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and the Arctic. Putin and Biden could also discuss regional crises such as Ukraine, Syria and Libya. They will also discuss Iran’s nuclear program and Afghanistan.

Russia has no particular hope of the meeting
Putin’s foreign affairs adviser Yuri Yushakov said the meeting was important amid tensions in Moscow and Washington, but expectations were not high. Yushakov said a few days ago that the first such meeting is being held when bilateral relations between the two countries are in a very bad phase. Both sides believe it is necessary to engage in a dialogue on the outstanding issues.

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