Biden sworn in, Trump imposed emergency on Washington – Trump issued declaration of emergency in Washington DC for Biden swearing-in ceremony

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Donald Trump imposed the emergency on Washington DC over fears of violence that took place on January 20 following Biden’s swearing-in ceremony by the FBI and National Guards.
The ongoing dispute between US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden does not call for a stop. Trump has declared a state of emergency in the capital Washington after his impeachment introduced today in the US Parliament. His rival Joe Biden is due to be sworn in as president on January 20 in Washington. In such a situation, there is a possibility of fierce political unrest over Trump’s declaration of emergency.

Joe Biden Swearing-In Ceremony Crisis Cloud
Trump made the emergency decision in Washington ahead of Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on Jan.20 and during the period of violence expected. Local police and federal investigators have also expressed concern over partisan violence of Trump in the state. Now, the swearing-in ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20 is starting to darken the crisis.

The emergency will continue until January 24
In a statement released on Monday, the White House said the president’s decision allowed the Home Office (DHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate relief efforts. So that the difficulties encountered by the local population due to the emergency can be reduced. The declaration of emergency in Washington DC went into effect from Monday, which will remain in effect until January 24.

Trump has been on target since attack on US Parliament
Trump made the announcement at a time when a crowd of his supporters attacked the Capitol (US Parliament) last week. The attack disrupted the process of verifying the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president and vice-president. During this violence, five people were killed.

So the emergency was issued
According to the White House, the declaration of emergency also provides appropriate assistance for necessary emergency measures. Within this framework, measures will be taken to save lives and protect property and public health and safety. By virtue of this, FEMA is specifically authorized to provide the necessary facilities to mitigate the effects of an emergency.

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Washington will be protected from federal funds
The press release says emergency security measures are limited to direct federal assistance, for which 100% of the funds will come from federal funds. Thomas J. Fargione of DHS and FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor are federal coordinating officers for campaign operations in the affected area.

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FBI and National Guards expressed possibility of violence
Following the violence in the Capitol last week, the FBI warned that days before the new President of the United States, Joe Biden took office, he allegedly organized armed protests in all 50 state capitals, including Washington. The United States National Standards Bureau has also warned of the possibility of riots next week.

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