Biden trips up the stairs of Air Force One several times New questions on the health of the US president: the “ president ” told Kamala Harris, fell three times on the stairs, surrounded by questions Joe Biden

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Now in the midst of questions about his health, US President Joe Biden has fallen down the stairs of his Air Force One plane three times.
US President Joe Biden, who questioned the health of his predecessor President Donald Trump, has now been scanned. Biden, 78, fell three times on the steps of his official plane, Air Force One, on Friday. Biden fell down the stairs at a time when he had called Vice President Kamala Haris “ president ” a day earlier.

Meanwhile, the president’s office, the White House, clarified the matter and alleged that Biden fell down the stairs because of the wind. He said the President was “100% right”. Biden was aboard Air Force One at Giant Base Andrews. During this time, he fell 3 times on the stairs. On this astonishing incident, the deputy press secretary of the White House, Carine Jean, explained that the strong wind was the reason for the accident. Carin said there was a very strong wind outside, probably because of this the leg would slip. Biden is 100% good.
Joe Biden News: US President Joe Biden slipped three times while getting on the plane, see video
Republican Party attacked for lack of media coverage
President Biden stayed on his plane for some time after arriving in Atlanta. Vice President Kamala Harris arrived and visited him. The White House said the two leaders discussed the agenda for the day. Kamala then got out of the plane with Harris Biden. Biden slowly descended the stairs and followed Kamala Harris. After falling down the stairs, the market for speculation about their health has already intensified.

The Republican Party attacked the lack of media coverage of Biden’s fall down the stairs. The party said the media, which has been agitating for four years about Trump, has taken a gentle approach towards Biden. The Joe Biden fall incident occurred at a time when Biden had addressed Kamala Harris as “ president ” a day earlier.

The oldest president of the United States
A White House spokesperson, however, did not say whether the visiting doctor investigated Biden after the incident. Earlier in November last year, Biden suffered a broken hairline in his right leg while playing with one of his dogs. Biden, 78, was sworn in as president on January 20. He is the oldest leader to hold the presidency of the United States.

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