Biden vs Trump policies: how Joe Biden’s foreign policy differs from the Donald Trump administration

There is an atmosphere of uncertainty in Asian countries as Joe Biden becomes the next President of the United States. Most countries in the region, including India, Japan and China, are expected to assist the Biden administration on issues ranging from trade to climate change. Earlier in his tenure, Donald Trump not only spoiled relations with Asian countries on unilateral economic interests, but repeatedly accused India and China of producing greenhouse gases. In such a situation, Asian countries have high hopes from the Biden administration. Know which country is the hope …


Joe Biden will look at China first as soon as he takes over America. Economically, militarily and politically, tensions between China and the United States are at their peak. The United States has heavily militarized the Indo-Pacific region against China’s expansionist efforts. In such a situation, the biggest challenge facing the Biden administration will be China. Alexander Huan, professor of strategic studies at Tamang University in Taipei and former Taiwanese national security official, said, “I think Biden would take a more liberal approach than Obama’s time with China.”

North Korea

Joe Biden has been opposed to US relations with North Korea from the start. Even during his campaign, he called Kim Jong Un the Butcher and Thug. Biden has also made some cutting-edge statements about all three Trump and Kim Jong summits. He said even Trump’s meetings had made no progress in disarming North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Joe Biden is thought to be able to announce tougher sanctions against North Korea during his tenure. At the same time, unlike Biden Trump, in South Korea a large number of American troops can be deployed.


The slightest impact of the power shift in America is visible in India. Because Joe Biden will also be forced to take India with him to isolate China. However, India’s record on human rights and religious freedom can be closely watched during Biden’s tenure. According to Michael Kugelman, deputy director of the Asia program at the Wilson Center in Washington, Biden’s tenure could spark an uproar over the human rights of Indian minorities.


Joe Biden’s opinion on Japan is clear. They believe that America cannot take care of any other country. For this reason, America’s priority will be to get Japan back on its feet. In Tokyo, Biden is expected to promote Japanese companies during his tenure. Apart from that, it will also take strict action on Chinese companies. According to Arcus Research of Tokyo, Biden could leave Japan alone during the initial term to deal with U.S. domestic politics.

Australia and New Zealand

America’s relationship with Australia and New Zealand should be stronger during Joe Biden’s tenure than Donald Trump’s. Joe Biden will give tariff rebates to Australian steel and aluminum companies over Trump. New Zealand can also benefit from further discounts on the sale of milk and beef by the US administration. New Zealand and other countries are also hoping Biden can help them ease tensions with China. New Zealand is squeezed between two great nations while strengthening defense and intelligence relations with the United States.

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