biden warns Putin: to call Russian President Vladimir Putin a “ killer ” that Biden sowed the seed of war in the world? – US President Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin’s pundits fear danger of provoking war between US and Russia

Strong points:

Tensions between America and its Russian rival continue to escalate, with Biden calling Russian President Vladimir Putin an “ assassin, ” warning that Vladimir Putin will have to pay the Washington / Moscow price.
With Joe Biden coming to power, tensions between America and its Russian rival continue to grow. US President Joe Biden has called Russian President Vladimir Putin an “assassin” and warned that he should “pay the price”. However, after this warning, Russia withdrew its ambassador. Experts say the coming years are going to be very difficult for the world, and the threat of war or cold war seems very real.

Foreign affairs expert Dr Rahis Singh told NBT Online that even during Obama’s time America was seen as a hub after the Crimean scandal. After the arrival of Donald Trump, he began to besiege China. Now Biden is stepping back into the Obama era. Dr Singh says now the old cold war will not happen. Now there are 3 polls in which people don’t see America as a superpower the way it was viewed before the subprime crisis. China and Russia are two other polls. Now, if the Cold War begins, it will be different in form from before.
Joe Biden told Vladimir Putin “ assassin ” if Russia recalled the ambassador, the cold war would break out!
“ Small wars will be discovered in the world very soon ”
Dr Singh said this was a start in itself, in which if there is a conflict between Moscow and Washington, then the friendship between Moscow and Beijing will increase. It will be very difficult not only for the United States, but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the world. It would be Biden’s big mistake. He said that if the friendship between Russia and China increases, they will not attack America first, but will attack countries like Japan, Australia and Israel. Biden shouldn’t have taken such a step during the Corona period. He said the nature of the new cold war could change but tensions would increase. This includes the crisis that followed Corona. I think that very soon small wars will be discovered in which a third country will be targeted who will be the friend of one of them. This has happened in history.

Kamar Aga, an expert on international affairs, says: “America and Europe are slowly declining.” America was already grappling with the economic crisis and incurred billions of dollars in debt. The economy of both is very low. Now Corona has dealt a heavy blow to the global economy and is being hit by Western countries as well. We have seen that when the economic crisis has arisen, Western countries or large countries transfer their crisis to others. For this reason, World War I and World War II took place.

‘Great pressure from Biden on the Republican Party’
Aga said when Republicans come to America they surround China and when Democrats come to power in America they surround Russia. Obama had ordered China to surround Russia. Now Biden is also on Obama’s path. Biden is under enormous pressure from the Republican Party. The Republican Party says Biden is weaker than Trump and can’t handle America. Because of this, Biden may take a tougher stance in the times to come. They will try to show that they can make difficult decisions. This can greatly increase the risk of war.

He said earlier Western countries had a lot of control over the technology, but now India, China and Russia have gone way ahead. Other than that, previously the oil supply was more destined for Western countries, but now buyers like India and China have come. For this reason, countries like Saudi Arabia are now investing in a country like India. Kamar Agha said that after the Corona period a new world order would be formed. Western countries want them to remain kings in this new economic or political system, but India would like it to be multipolar. Let India be a major player in the economic system.

“ China will be strong in the world order but not number one ”
Aga said that when there is a change in the system, tensions rise amid great forces. It took place in the 20th century and is likely to continue even further. However, just how much Biden will be able to stop Russia it cannot be said. Russian technology has become a major challenge for Europe. He said China will be strong in the world system after Kovid but cannot be number one. The reason is that his friends are few and he is in so much debt that he himself is in trouble.

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