Big data and cybersecurity offers increased by … 297%!

Big data and cybersecurity offers increase by … 297%!

In early 2020, the Data Scientist and Cybersecurity Expert positions were revealed as the highest paid non-executive positions of this year.

In addition, just before the coronavirus pandemic, companies were grappling with a shortage of tech talent as the need to recruit trained tech professionals to support critical operations and corporate strategic initiatives increased exponentially in these areas. last years. organizations.

But this health and economic crisis has only increased the need for specific graduates in the vast majority of large companies.

According to a study carried out by the employment site, 89% of the 650 companies surveyed are creating or improving their technical team, with offers specifically related to big data and cybersecurity up by 297%.

During the pandemic

Taking something positive out of the Covid-19 crisis, rising unemployment and improving professional skills through accelerated digital transformation are increasing the pool of IT candidates.

This is further amplified by the growing acceptance by companies of telecommuting agreements that allow employers to hire tech professionals from a wider geographic area, potentially anywhere in the world.

An offer greater than demand

Despite the increase in professionals related to data analysis, this sector remains one of the rarest because it is a relatively new field and companies are processing more and more data that requires a specialist knowing how to convert it. useful information for businesses.

The most requested positions in this field of data science are those of data scientist, data analyst and data architect. However, 32% of these positions are not filled, or at least with the appropriate qualifications for the position.

Cyber ​​security

At the same time, the more information that companies manage, the more important it is to monitor and protect all the data that companies use for their business strategies, making it a very valuable asset.

For this reason, large companies like Telefónica are creating new cybersecurity teams, as threats and “cybercrime” become more and more common. By spending less time on the streets, criminal activity has moved into cyberspace, and there are already reports confirming that cyberattacks have increased by 60% globally.

An example of the importance attached to this issue is that the US government is only investing $ 13,000 million in cybersecurity, since cyber attacks are continually being exposed.

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