Big Data and Data Science will be the most successful and in-demand digital jobs in the future

Big Data and Data Science will be the most successful and in-demand digital jobs in the future

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is one of the most recurring questions since we are children and which require early reflection in which perhaps we do not take into account all the factors, such as economic compensation, job security, the possibility of growth … they will make that decision depend on our future.

Digitization as a central factor

The fourth industrial revolution is a reality where digitization is present in the vast majority of production processes, as well as connectivity and automation, thanks to artificial intelligence, robotics or augmented reality. As a result, a great fear of replacing jobs has arisen, but this development is also creating and leading to new ones. In the 2020 LinkedIn study, we can see how the jobs of professionals trained in artificial intelligence and data science increased by 64%.

According to Fabiola Prez, CEO of MIOTI Tech & Business School, an institute specializing in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, “this exorbitant growth in a year marked by the pandemic shows that profiles with technological qualifications have not only resisted Covid-19, but also They have also been strengthened. This ensures that 99% of professionals trained in this sector have virtually guaranteed access to the labor market. It is clear that the future, at least in terms of employment, is technological “.

Big Data and Data Science professionals: the future assured

According to the Millennium Project, by 2050 all of humanity will have access to the Internet, which will generate an immense amount of information. Big Data and its capacity to ingest, exploit and store all this volume of data, already positions and positions at an even more key point all the profiles trained in this broad discipline which is already a first option for many young people in front of the strong demand. for professionals.

To learn how to extract the full value from data, programs like the Master in Data Science from MIOTI Tech & Business School train their students in person or continuously in a practical-oriented program. The aim is for future professionals to find themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to be a safe bet in a job market in which, according to the job portal Glassdoor, their base salary as a Data Scientist in Spain. is, on average, 35,394 euros per year.

Smart cities, companies and objects: the IOT is present in our daily life

The Internet is a constant in our daily lives, its implementation and use are part of the management and digital transformation of most companies, and therefore its fundamental role and that of its professionals in the future cannot be denied. .

Without going any further, in agreements as important as the European Green Pact in which the EU aspires to be climate neutral in 2050, the gradual implementation of connected objects is already being studied as a strategy to generate new forms of planning, development and management of cities.

The employment opportunities are therefore endless in the sector thanks to the digital transformation and the demand of professionals in the field.Those who wish to orient their career towards the Internet of Things must train in this technology until they know all of it. elements, and possible use cases. In the MIOTI Internet of Objects Master, its students are able to develop Internet of Objects projects from their conception to their start-up.

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