big eared jerboa: bigger animal ears Jerboa: longest eared jaboa

Which animal has the biggest ears? The African elephant living on the ground has the largest ears but its body is just as huge. If we are talking about the length of the ear in relation to the size of the body, then this rat-like animal living in the desert of China and Mongolia surpasses the elephant. The nocturnal jaboa eats insects and is four inches in length from head to tail. Its ears are 1.5 to 2 inches long, which is equivalent to about 40 to 50% of its body length.

‘Mickey Mouse of the Desert’
Zoologist and mammologist Mary Ellen Holden of the American Museum of Natural History told Live Science: “ Of all animals, they have the longest ears on the basis of their body. She points out by way of comparison that African elephants have 4 feet of ears but this is only 17% compared to their body. In 2007, when a video of the long-eared Jaboa appeared in the Zoological Society of London’s Gobi Desert in Mongolia, it was named Mickey-Mouse of the Desert.

Why are the ears so long?
In such a situation, the question arises: why does such a small creature have such long ears? The answer is the heat of the desert. Jaboa and the other animals living here also have long ears. With their help, they are able to beat the heat. They contain blood cells inside which release heat into the air and cool the animal’s body. A simple example of this is the difference between African and Asian elephants. African elephants have larger ears than Asian elephants.

There are many advantages
Usually, the heat can be released with sweat, but in the desert, water is also lost through the perspiration of sweat. Due to the lack of water in the desert, a better way is to release heat from the air through long ears. Apart from that, the long ears also help to hear the little sounds of small insects. It also makes them easy to hunt.

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