Big news for Indian IT pros: US Senate passes High Skilled Immigrants Act

The US Senate unanimously passed the High Skilled Immigrants Act, i.e. Bill S.386. The bill removes the determination of the maximum number of employment-based immigration visas for each country, and makes them family-based visas. This decision will bring great relief to Indian IT professionals. The passage of this bill will benefit hundreds of Indian professionals working in the United States who have been waiting for a green card for many years.

Great relief for professionals who have been waiting for a green card for decades
This is a great relief for Indian IT professionals after Senate approval of the Highly Skilled Immigrant Fairness Act. Especially professionals who came to the United States on H-1B visas and have been waiting for decades for a green card or permanent housing. The bill was approved by the House of Representatives on July 10, 2019. The bill increased the limit on family-based immigration visas from 7% to 15% of the country’s total visas that year. .

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The bill was approved by the House of Representatives on July 10, 2019
The bill was introduced by Republican Party Senator Like Lee from Ota state. Indian citizens received 9008 Level 1 Green Cards (EB1), 2908 Level 2 Green Cards (EB2) and 5083 Level 3 Green Cards (EB3) in fiscal year 2019. (EB3) There are different categories of green cards. job-based. Senator Lee told the Senate in July that an Indian citizen’s backlog in obtaining permanent residence or a green card was over 195 years.

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This bill will give skilled immigrants equal opportunities
Senator Kevin Kramer said the “Highly Skilled Immigrant Fairness Act” creates a more merit-based system that provides equal opportunities for skilled immigrants. Kramer ensured that the bill prevents fraud and abuse of the visa system.

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