Bigfoot: a giant animal resembling a yeti seen in America viral on social networks: in America, the claim of a giant animal resembling Yethi has gone viral

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A former US soldier claimed to have seen the appearance of a giant creature like Yeti, a giant animal that had been shown in the midnight cold, no evidence was found until the camera arrived, not lacking in Washington as well.
Trey Hudson, a former US Army officer, claimed his team spotted an animal like the Yeti in the north of the country. However, by the time they reached where the creature appeared, it was gone. Trey Hudson is the director of the Oxford Paranormal Society. He also participated in counterterrorism operations for the US military in Afghanistan.

A former army officer claimed to have seen the yeti
Trey Hudson said in speaking with the Daily Star that his team chased the animal around midnight in the scorching cold, but they couldn’t catch it. He claimed that he was not only a giant creature made of flesh and blood, but also possessed special powers. That’s why it disappeared from our grip quite quickly.

This giant creature was shown at 2 or 3 p.m.
Recalling the incident, Trey said that around 2 or 3 p.m. that night, he was looking at a giant human-like creature of white color staring at our camp near a tree. Seeing this creature, Trey quickly went to a member of his team. He had a special type of thermal imaging, night vision, and infrared device.

Disappeared before being captured on camera
The lady on our team got up from her sleep and quickly gathered all her devices and came to where I was told. But, we saw that the giant creature had disappeared from this place. We also went to where he saw the strange creature standing, but surprisingly there was no footprint even in the many feet of snow.

No trace of this giant animal has been found around
He said that our team also includes many expert trackers, who train people to trek in mountains and desert areas. We know how to follow a person through the forest, how to find their footprints. We searched the entire area to see if there would be any traces. We were also looking for this organism that would have scratched any nearby tree, but we could not find any marks.

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