Biggest rabbit in the world: Biggest rabbit in the world Darius goes missing in London: Biggest rabbit in the world Darius gone

The biggest rabbit in the world has disappeared. The rabbit, named Darius, is 1.2 meters long and has been missing for about a week. Local police in West Murcia said the giant continental rabbit was stolen from its enclosure. It was in the garden of its owners. In 2020, he registered his name in the Guinness Book of Records. A reward of £ 2000 or at least 2 lakh rupees was announced to the researcher.

Darius is a Flemish giant, the largest species of rabbit on Earth. According to the Maryland Zoo, they can weigh up to 7 kg and measure 0.76 meters. They are domesticated and were bred for meat and fur 300 years ago. Today they are kept as pets. According to Darius’ mistress, Annette Edwards, he was very relaxed.

According to them, raising them is easier than raising dogs. Police said in their statement: “The giant continental rabbit is believed to have been stolen from the grounds of its owners’ garden on the night of April 10-11. This bunny is very special because it is 4 feet tall and has the title of being the tallest bunny in the world.

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