Bilateral relations between India and China: relations are in place, border dispute has its place … what China wants to explain – China says border issue with India will not be linked to bilateral relations, know what xi jinping wants

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China Says – Border dispute with India has nothing to do with bilateral relations, China said at Indian Foreign Minister’s statement: Relations will not be affected, China worries about its economic interests, the border is still not tight.
By provoking the border dispute in Ladakh, China has not ceased to express peace to appearances. China’s Foreign Ministry has again stated that bilateral relations with India have nothing to do with the border dispute. China tries to present itself properly in the eyes of the world by repeatedly making such statements. However, on the ground, he still does not take any concrete steps to resolve the dispute.

Border dispute does not affect bilateral relations: China
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said of Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s recent statement on India-China relations that the issue of the border dispute would not be linked. the development of general relations with New Delhi. We are working to strengthen our bilateral relations with India. The Chinese spokesperson also said that the significance of the Indian Foreign Minister’s statement is linked to our bilateral relations.

What did S Jaishankar say
Jaishankar, while addressing the 13th Pan-Indian Conference on Chinese Studies Thursday, said last year’s events in eastern Ladakh had severely affected relations between the two countries. He also clarified that the line of effective control should be strictly observed and respected and that any unilateral attempt to change the status quo is not acceptable.

What does China want to explain
China is involved in causing a border dispute with India. Economically, China has invested a lot in India. However, after rising tensions in Ladakh, India has dealt China several blows on the economic front. Even many Chinese apps have been permanently banned by India. Now, China wants to normalize its relations with India and avoid significant losses at the economic level.

Exports of 4.9 million lakh crore to China are worrying
There is bilateral trade of about 6 crore lakh annually between India and China. Since the border dispute, there has been a considerable reduction in this trade. China exports around 4.9 lakh crore rupees to India every year. While India is only able to export 1.2 lakh crore to China. So far, China has been at an advantage. But the export mess sees a profound impact on China’s economic system.

China is investing heavily in dozens of companies in India
Chinese companies have invested dozens of companies in India. Tenshet has 19 companies in India, Shunwai Capital in 16 companies, Swastika 10 companies, Xiaomi 8 companies, Fosun RZ Capital 6 companies, Hillhouse Capital Group 5 companies, NGP Capital 4 companies, Alibaba Group 3 companies, Axis Capital Partners invested in 3 companies and BAce has invested in 3 companies. Perhaps because of this fear, the government recently changed the rules for FDI from China.

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