Bildu announces budget support and removes citizens from coalition government accounts

Updated: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 11:30 AM

Published on: 11.11.2020 11:05

EH Bildu announced his “yes” to the budgets of the coalition government, pushing citizen support off the charts. The Orange formation believes this responds to “Podemos’ child trap” to get them out of the negotiation and urges Pedro Sánchez to choose between them or Bildu and ERC.

The ultimatum comes after Otegi announced that his party would vote in favor of the general state budget unless something unexpected happened. “We have found that there is a receptivity to our proposals,” he said in an interview with “Radio Euskadi” in which he also assured that “relations with the government are now more fluid”.

After these statements, sources in Ciudadanos told LaSexta that it was a movement of the purple formation because “they don’t want us to be there because it takes away decision-making power and influence”.

We can’t want us to be there because it takes away decision-making power and influence. “

They specify that their training “will continue until the end if the conditions are met”, while urging the Prime Minister to choose between some supporters or others. “The cards are turned face up. Sánchez did not want to choose, but he can no longer look elsewhere,” they stressed in this regard.

Asked about these statements, the Basque party they avoided speaking because, in their opinion, they cannot “establish a criterion before something that moves so much”, referring to the changes of position of the orange formation.

Precisely, Pablo Iglesias celebrated the support of the Basque formation and acknowledged that it was the result of their negotiations. He considers that this strengthens the majority of the left in the inauguration and alienates “Inés Arrimadas’ party from the agreement. From the first moment, his party defended that the accounts be carried out with the parties that supported the investiture.

Iglesias celebrates Bildu’s decision and believes it “strengthens the left-wing majority in the nomination”

This was stated in statements to LaSexta, in which he insisted that “citizen support for the budgets of a left-wing government is unachievable” because “it is part of the Colón bloc and governs with the support of the ‘far right” . “It is very difficult to reach agreements of this magnitude with a party that governs through Vox,” he said.

Pablo Echenique, spokesman for the United Podemos parliamentary group, expressed himself in the same vein, believing that the orange formation has already chosen “not to support these budgets”, opting “for the speech of the Plaza de Colón. Bildu’s support, he underlined that progress has been made “in terms of pensions”.

For her part, the president of Ciudadanos insisted on the fact that “the government has its hands but it must choose between separatism” and her party. In statements in “Espejo Público” he argued that they were “a party by word” and, therefore, they did not present amendments in their entirety.

Regarding Esquerra Republicana’s position, Inés Arrimadas said she knew she had asked “to remove Spanish as a lingua franca”, but the executive must choose. “Sánchez wants to rely on Bildu and ERC in exchange for violating our rights or does he want to follow the moderate path? They should listen more to the moderate voices and not Iglesias or those of Bildu,” he condemned.

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