Bildu asks its activists to support the “ yes ” to budgets

Publication: Monday 23 November 2020 13:15

EH Bildu is inclined to vote in favor of general state budgets (PGE), but the last word will be for activism, which will be consulted for his support for the accounts this week.

This was indicated on Monday by Arnaldo Otegi, who called an “extraordinary national assembly”, which will take place electronically, Thursday at 6 p.m.

An assembly which, as he defended, “will give the voice and the floor and the floor to our activists and our activists so that they can make a decision on the meaning of our vote in the Congress of Deputies”.

“The last decision on what our deputies will do will be taken by the people,” said the leader of the nationalist formation, which suggests to activism that its deputies “give a favorable vote to the general state budgets”.

“EH Bildu has a word. When he gives it, he accomplishes it. For us, it is a brand of which we are absolutely proud and proud,” Otegi said on Monday, who, to questions from the press, denied any counterpart to its support for the ELP, such as bringing together ETA detainees.

“It has nothing to do with reality,” said the leader of Bildu, who said “it is not the subject of negotiations”, but “the application of prison law”.

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