Bildu’s support for budgets focuses Sánchez questions in Congress

Published: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 7:59 AM

The controversy over Bildu’s announced support for budgets reaches Congress, during the government’s scrutiny session, when the opposition questions the executive chairman on the issue. Already this Tuesday, in the Senate, the PP Senator Javier Maroto questioned Pedro Sánchez on this subject, even if the president avoided entering the subject and presumed that the accounts had passed the first parliamentary procedure with a wide margin.

Sánchez defended himself from criticism of the PP and predicted that neither they nor Vox will prevent the approval of the “beneficial and indispensable” accounts for Spain, which will end, he predicted, with the ” parliamentary blockade “and will allow entry” into a necessary phase, which is that of stability. “The government, according to socialist sources at LaSexta, assures that there is no going back and that it is ready to undergo criticism for the support of EH Bildu for general state budgets.

“Never before has a vote been used to introduce Bildu into the leadership of the state,” denounced the PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, alluding to the words of the second vice-president, Pablo Iglesias. “Anyone from the PP, yesterday, today and tomorrow, can say that Bildu represents the worst in Spanish politics, and you cannot suggest it today, because, if he did, he would lose the budget, government and even the Moncloa mattress. “, affected it.

In view of this, Sánchez asked himself: “Where is the right and what has he done in the midst of this pandemic?”, And accused the PP of trying to overthrow the government with a way of doing politics full of lies and “fake news” which, he warned, has already suffered a “resounding defeat” in the United States.

PSOE, Podemos and government insist there is no deal reached with Bildu

From the PSOE, from the government and from United We can insist: there is no agreement with Bildu. As the spokeswoman for the Minister, María Jesús Montero, reminded this Tuesday, it is not completely closed and that the only thing that has been with this party – she says – are conversations about “the numbers and public accounts “and not on other types of requests, in allusion to the prison situation of ETA detainees.

The minister’s spokesperson reminded the PSOE comrades who were critical of Bildu’s support and the right-wing parties that ETA had disappeared ten years ago. And he pointed out that Bildu has legal representation in Congress and, therefore, can make deals with the executive, like any other party.

“The more support the budget has, the better”, said the spokesman for the minister, who lamented that Vox and the PP are more “in the short dribble” than to contribute to the improvement of a country mired in a pandemic. “Hopefully the total, 100% of the deputies, would give their support to these accounts,” asked Montero, who also reaffirmed the government’s intention to “consolidate the widest possible majority” of support from other parties in the face of the advance of the legislature, relying on both the nomination partners and the Cs.

United We Can joined the PSOE’s explanations on Tuesday that there is no agreement between the executive and EH Bildu, reducing the initial enthusiasm shown by the second vice-president, Pablo Iglesias, in front of the cameras de laSexta, celebrating the training’s announcement that he would support budgets.

The person in charge was the president of the parliamentary group United We Can, Jaume Asens, who assured in an interview with RNE that “there is no pact” with EH Bildu concerning the negotiation of the general budgets of the State ( PGE), but rather the formation only showed “its predisposition to the pact and to vote in favor of public accounts”.

“For the moment, there is no consideration. I think it is an act of generosity and responsibility, they take charge of the situation we are going through and realize that now it is no longer possible to to operate with the ELP that we have, progressive policies are needed “, asserted, to underline later the” importance “of the abertzale left joining for the first time in the negotiation of accounts. “I would like ERC and Junts per Catalunya to have this vision of the state that Bildu has,” said Asens.

Fight in the PSOE

The government’s alleged budget pact with the nationalist left has raised a cloud of dust within the PSOE, with many regional leaders criticizing collusion with the Otegi formation. The minister of transport and secretary for the organization of the party, José Luis Ábalos, denied this agreement: “There is no government agreement, no will to form a partnership”, declared “number three” socialist of Ferraz.

“The government cannot renounce the votes of anyone, there is no mechanism to do so, because what is really at stake is the general interest of Spain, the greatest good to which we must and we must all “, insisted the minister Monday after a tense executive of the PSOE on this issue. “There is no agreement other than to be in the debate on the amendments,” he said.

The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE and spokesperson in Congress, Adriana Lastra, insisted on this position on Tuesday during the press conference after the Office of Spokespersons: “What is there is the will of the government to dialogue with all political forces and the will of all political forces in government to execute the budget “. And if there are parties that want to join, “welcome”.

“There is no agreement yet, but from now on we will sit down with all those who want to reach an agreement,” Lastra said, certifying the “goodwill of a large majority” of the groups represented in the House. .

The sources of EH Bildu stress that “no one ever said that there was an agreement” and they recall that Arnaldo Otegi, in this interview on Radio Euskadi, only said that “to date there was a sufficient receptivity on the part of the government, that the negotiations were going well, directed and that for the moment we position ourselves in the “yes” if things did not go badly “.

Bildu recalls that “nobody ever said that there was an agreement”, only that “today we are taking a” yes “position

However, the ERC spokesperson in Congress and a member of the so-called nomination bloc, Gabriel Rufián, quipped on Tuesday about the efforts of the parties in government to lower the deal with the abertzales: “Otegi a said everything was channeled This in my city is called having a pact, ”he told a press conference after presenting 320 amendments to the EMP.

Further, Rufián warned that “anyone who does not accept it has huge democratic gaps” and called Bildu a “democratic anomaly”. “I think this is one more debate in the cave. Part of the PSOE knows that they will live more comfortable with Arrimadas than with the others, it’s tempting. And Cs knows he’s desperate. , he has no other. They will have disastrous results in Catalonia. “

The orange formula

The government has never closed the door on the Orange formation so that it can be added to the accounts, keeping it as a possibility should ERC withdraw from the budget project. In fact, Moncloa contacted the orange management to let them know of its intention to continue negotiating the public accounts, Esther Redondo reported in “Al Rojo Vivo”.

Moncloa’s intention is for Ciudadanos to support the budgets and, if this is not possible due to competition from ERC and Bildu, that at least they abstain. The executive’s intention is “to make the vote against oranges more expensive, because that would put the Arrimadas party back in Colón’s photo, which they want to avoid.”

Regarding the pact with Bildu, the vice-president of the Community of Madrid and orange leader in the region, Ignacio Aguado, demanded clarity in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’: “If he pacts with Bildu it is because he wants it, Ábalos said there was no pact. Well, “Let him clarify, because Iglesias was bragging. If he wants to, he has Ciudadanos’ hand and it is the most patriotic thing that can be done right now. The best way to be a patriot right now is to disagree with whoever wants to destroy Spain. “

The president of the party, Inés Arrimadas, insisted on this idea this morning at COPE: “If Sánchez thought he could bring everyone together and keep all the avenues open, as I said well, there will come a time when he will have to say the truth For Spain we will try to convince Sánchez to choose the moderate route, we will see if Iglesias is in charge or if the more moderate part is in charge.

Regarding the budget calendar, as LaSexta has learned, its possible approval is brought forward to the last week of December and the plenary session could be held on December 29, so no extension would be necessary.

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