Bill Gates ex-girlfriend: Bill Gates used to go to the beach house with his girlfriend: Bill Gates used to go to the beach house with his girlfriend

Since Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announced a divorce, the internet has caused a stir. Above all, the old stories related to it were discussed again. One of them is Bill’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend even after his marriage to Melinda. According to an old Time article, Gates and Ann Winblade spend time together every year after Bill and Ann married Melinda in 1994, and Melinda also agreed.

Walter Ickerson wrote about this for TIME. Icecson wrote in his article that Ann and Bill met in 1984 at a conference. They also used to date differently. According to the article, “they used to go to the same movie in different cities at the same time and discuss it on the phone.”

Ann was five years older than Bill and she wanted to get married. The two separated in 1987 over it. However, the two remained close friends. Often, two people remain friends after the breakup, but Ann and Bill’s special friendship certainly surprised everyone.

It is further stated in this article: ‘Even now Gates has an agreement with his wife that he and Ann can go on vacation. Every year in the spring, they go to the weekends in the cottages between Ann in North Carolina. People were still amazed by this article and even today how did Melinda prepare for it.

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