Bill Gates: Two new threats ready for humans even after Corona, warns this billionaire – Bill Gates warns of two main threats to humanity after the Covid-19 pandemic

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Bill Gates warns countries around the world of future pandemic: Microsoft co-founder says next pandemic will be 10 times more dangerous than Corona, says Microsoft co-founder – The world is not ready for the next pandemic
Microsoft co-founder and billionaire businessman Bill Gates has warned the world of the twin dangers of the Corona virus outbreak. In an interview with YouTube channel Veritasium, Bill Gates said that Kovid-19 alone is not the ultimate threat to humanity. He said the threats posed by bioterrorism and climate change in the future will be far more deadly than the current epidemic.

Nobody talks about future threat
Bill Gates said there are many dangers in the world that no one wants to talk about. Anyone can become a threat to humanity by mutating the virus. The greatest danger of this is that the infection rate of this mutated virus may be higher than the current epidemic. He pointed out that future outbreaks would be much deadlier than the currently released corona virus infection.

The coming epidemic will be 10 times more dangerous
Just last month, Bill Gates, speaking to the German media, warned that we are not yet ready for the future epidemic. He called on governments around the world to protect their citizens from possible new diseases. He said the outbreak is bad, but future outbreaks could be 10 times more severe. Gates claimed that if the corona virus outbreak had occurred five years earlier, the world would not have been able to produce the vaccine so soon.

Aware of vaccine nationalism
Bill Gates praised the scientists and organizations that helped create the Kovid vaccine. Not only that, he also called on world leaders to avoid vaccine nationalism. Gates said everyone should support the proper distribution of the vaccine.

Bill Gates warning – Future outbreak will be 10 times deadlier than Corona
What is “vaccine nationalism”?
When a country attempts to obtain vaccine doses only for its citizens or residents, this is called “vaccine nationalism”. Such a situation arises when a country tries to reserve the vaccine in a way for its domestic market and citizens before it becomes available in other countries. For this, the government of the country concerned concludes a pre-purchase agreement with the manufacturer of the vaccine.

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