BIM Manager, the professional figure of the present and the future

BIM has long been in the AECO (architecture, engineering and construction) sector. Mastering this methodology, and above all knowing how to manage the processes of its implementation, becomes more than necessary in these times to develop projects that meet the current requirements of these professional fields. And this corresponds to the figure of the BIM Manager, that is to say the person responsible for the digital quality and the structure of the content in a project developed with the BIM methodology.

With a salary of between 35,000 and 43,000 euros – according to the Collective Agreement for the Construction and Public Works Sector -, the BIM Manager is the expert in charge of coordinating the modeling and generation of content in the process, as well as the resources in collaboration with all the actors involved, ensuring the good integration of the models and their disciplines with the overall vision of the project. This is how the BIM Commission of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (formerly Ministry of Development) defines the roles of this essential figure. A position that can be chosen from three categories – Professional, Advanced and Expert – in which the expert can be certified in Spain by the ACP (Professional Certification Agency).

More specifically, a BIM Manager proposes and coordinates the definition, implementation and compliance of the BIM methodology; applies the workflows defined in the project in question, as well as the BIM protocols, standards and standards; supports collaborative work, making it easier for all the necessary synergies to go in the same direction, towards the common goal; establishes the space in which project information is shared; defines software and platforms; establishes the level of development and information of the elements of the model; and, moreover, it manages said model, guaranteeing its interoperability.

The tools necessary for the proper development of these tasks can be acquired through a direct course: a BIM master. This is the most effective path to becoming a BIM Manager, in which an in-depth knowledge of BIM and the techniques used in a project in which this methodology is applied is acquired. Unlike a course, in which too specific training is offered on a specific subject, the BIM master guarantees the acquisition of comprehensive and specialized knowledge, which encompasses all the skills brought into play in the learning process. development of a project in which this collaborative work system is implemented.

As it is logical, faced with a profession more and more in demand, many and varied training courses are presented, as well as telematics, face-to-face or semi-face to face. And among all those offered, the “online” BIM Management program offered by Espacio BIM stands out. The experienced consultant in BIM, VR, AR and MR has designed an attractive master’s degree with a fun, participatory and above all effective learning system, which allows you to become an expert in BIM and master the work processes with this methodology in the projects. construction and civil engineering work, both in the drafting and execution phase, and in operation.

You can dive into the details of the International BIM Manager Master of the BIM Space via the OTONAUTA academic explorer.

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