Bing now allows us to configure a theme in our searches

Whether it’s for rewards, to escape Google, or for convenience, a lot of people use Bing. Their results are not as good as Google’s in some cases, but they are improving every day. In addition, Microsoft has always taken care of the image of Bing and is now going further in personalization with the new themes.

Bing is now more personal with its new themes

Without warning and without any information on this subject, we learned, thanks to MSPU, of the arrival of new themes on Bing. We can choose from seven colored alternatives or leave it as is. The appearance in any case looks very good and gives a more colorful touch to the search engine.

Maybe this can be extended to more themes if users like it, but for now we have those options available. Microsoft’s search engine continues to try to compete with Google, although it is still a long way from Mountain View’s proposal. However, we’re happy to see how they take care of the details so that their search engine has a personality of its own beyond the results.

We hope that much of the news in Bing in the US will gradually reach the rest of Bing users. In this way, we will benefit from all the improvements that Microsoft brings to its search engine. At the moment, it looks like the new themes are available worldwide.

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