Biogen Espaa, rewarded for its policy of attracting talents and managing people

Biogen Espaa, rewarded for its policy of attracting talents and managing people

Biogen Spain has been recognized as one of the companies that has succeeded in improving the experience of its employees, thanks to the excellence of its human resources and people management policies. The prize was awarded by Top Employer Spain, as part of the Top Employers Institute certification program.

Biogen Espaa is, in this way, one of the organizations certified for the pleasant management of its business policies, such as people strategy, working environment, talent acquisition, learning, well-being and diversity and inclusion, among others. .

In the case of Biogen Espaa, the link between an exciting corporate goal, such as “Changing lives”, with a culture lived by each of the employees from their incorporation to a possible growth and a leap to other platforms international business, makes biotechnology a great place for professionals who love their jobs and are looking for projection.

Vocation, a key factor that makes Biogen a leading neuroscience company

Key to Biogen’s commitment to excellence in talent is a philosophy based on attracting talented, innovative and challenge-driven people, which translates into a series of shared values ​​such as pride. belonging, commitment and proximity. All of this makes Biogen an organization that seeks to maximize the value provided by each of the individuals who make it up.

In a field like Neuroscience, where the company has been working for more than 40 years, the challenges are numerous and resilience, the commitment to achieve a goal and the search for innovation are constant. Finding new treatments that save lives in complex diseases, with high unmet needs or without therapeutic alternatives, requires a profile of an empowered employee, who knows how to fit into a model of rapid evolution, collaborative work and promoter of change.

With all this, Biogen Espaa has built a team of professionals with a great diversity of profiles, in which more than 55.3% of the workforce are women, and among them 49% hold positions of responsibility within the organization. In an environment where, through the empowerment of employees, a career plan and an international projection are offered, with which to own one’s own development can offer great opportunities for growth within the organization. Programs such as the Women’s Leadership Program which promotes the professional careers of managers with an international projection; or the export of executives and other positions from Spain to other headquarters and subsidiaries of the company, making the Spanish subsidiary a real talent hub for Biogen around the world.

“At Biogen, we seek out and develop people who have a great vocation for what they do, who love their work and who have an innovative, transformative, positive spirit and a driver of change. In return, we propose to develop in an environment where the priority is people, their care; where technology and resources are at the service of disruptive innovation, in an ethical and collaborative environment. And in which there are no boundaries for growth, because the opportunities are constant and each of us becomes responsible for our own development, ”said Ignacio Valls, Director of Human Resources at Biogen Espaa, about this recognition .

Finally, Srgio Teixeira, Managing Director of Biogen Espaa, concluded: “That Biogen Espaa has been certified Top Employer 2021 is the result and recognition of the firm commitment to the talents and people who guide every step we take as a that business. And it is also an incentive to continue to grow in this line, accompanied by the best team of people to achieve an exciting and stimulating goal: Changing lives. The fundamental pillar of Biogen are the people who commit and work day after day with maximum dedication and without fear, who have made us a benchmark leader in the field of neuroscience, in a company committed to Spanish society, with the national health system and its professionals “.

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