Biological warfare in China: Biological warfare in China SARS Corona virus: China investigated in 2015 the fight against biological warfare by the corona virus, a report revealed

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From “explosive” documents handed over by the US State Department, according to the “Australian” report, the commander of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China made this fatal prediction by Chinese scientists of the Corona virus as “news era of biological weapons »Mention London / Melbourne
Chinese scientists investigated five years before the Kovid-19 pandemic for allegedly using the corona virus as a weapon and predicting a World War III biological warhead. This has been claimed in media reports citing documents received by the US State Department.

US State Department hands over “explosive” documents
British newspaper The Sun quoted The Australian’s first report as saying that “explosive” documents handed over by the US State Department would show that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the commander of the case, was predicting this. fatal. Documents found by U.S. officials were said to have been drawn up in 2015 by military scientists and senior Chinese health officials who were investigating the origins of Kovid-19.

Corona virus called “new age of biological weapons”
Chinese scientists have called the SARS corona virus a “new era of biological weapons,” of which Kovid is an example. PLA documents indicated that the biological weapon attack could demolish the enemy’s medical system. The documents also mention the actions of U.S. Air Force Col. Michael J, who feared World War III would be fought with biological weapons.

Concerns have been raised about China’s transparency
The documents also mention that SARS, which spread to China in 2003, could be a human-made biological weapon, which was deliberately spread by terrorists. MP Tom Tagenht and Australian politician James Patterson said the documents raised concerns about China’s transparency into the origins of Kovid-19. However, the official Beijing Global Times newspaper criticized The Australian for publishing this article for tarnishing China’s image.

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