Bird disease death in United States: Mysterious disease mass bird dies across United States, baffles scientists

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Thousands of birds like Tilier, Neelkanth die in America due to mysterious disease, it takes the form of a bird epidemic of sorts, scientists are afraid of this apprehension, the condition is that the eyes of many birds have become scaly, There is swelling on the face, many are unable to fly Washington
Thousands of birds like Tilier, Neelkanth die from mysterious disease in eastern and southern parts of America. In a way, it takes the form of a bird epidemic. Fearing any untoward incident, wildlife scientists are now trying to find the causes of this disease. The condition is that the eyes of many birds have become scaly. His face is swollen and many are unable to fly.

Wildlife officials first reported sick and dead birds from Washington, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia to the United States in May. According to the USGS, no exact cause of the death of the birds has been found so far. Biologists fear that hundreds of thousands of birds have died due to lack of food in New Mexico. These birds were going from one place to another.

Bird carcasses sent for examination
In Kentucky, the wildlife department asks people if they have seen any sick or dead birds. He said that apart from Tiliyar and Neelkanth, birds of other species also died. The carcasses of several birds were sent for examination. In Ohio, the Wildlife Center acknowledged on Facebook that many birds have a problem with their eyes. He said he was trying to find out what is the cause of the disease.

The USGS has said that gathering and bathing with birds can transmit the disease from one to another. He called on the population not to feed the birds until the death toll has stopped. He said people should avoid touching the birds. Earlier, the US CDC warned that bird-related diseases had spread to many states. In this 8 people died.

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