Bishops support pardons and demand to drop “irremovable attitudes” on the same day Cs and Vox present appeals to the Supreme Court

The Spanish Episcopal Conference has taken a stand in favor of graces. And this the same day when formations like Vox, directed by Santiago Abascal, and Ciudadanos, with Inés Arrimadas at its head, decided to appeal the pardon measure before the Supreme Court.

In this sense, of the Spanish Church, they maintain that there is a diversity of opinions among its members, but they call for the abandonment of “irremovable attitudes”. “We are, like the Catalan bishops, for dialogue, for the application of the law, for the respect of justice”, declared the secretary general of the EEC, Luis Argüello.

Thus, one of the highest representatives of the bishops calls for the creation of “a climate of civil friendship and fraternity”, and condemns: “It must be possible to tackle an increasingly entrenched question, which takes of magnitude and has become a problem in Catalan society and throughout Spain ”.

Citizens and Vox present their resources

With those responsible for the trials already in the streets, the first party to take a step forward against pardons was Ciudadanos. However, he did not do so in the name of the party, as the PP reshuffles, but through three of the deputies who were in the Catalan Parliament during the trial, such as the current party leader Inés Arrimadas, as well as the assistant deputy secretary. of the formation, José María Espejo-Saavedra, and the leader of the Cs de Cataluña, Carlos Carrizosa.

In view of this, Arrimadas explains in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo that his argument is based, in particular, on the “violation of rights” that they have, he indicates, suffered in 2017: “[Los responsables del procés] they skipped everything they could and we didn’t have a chance to speak. We have a very good precedent: we have already brought an amparo appeal to the Constitutional Court, and they agreed with us. In this way, we have precedents of being the injured base, ”he stressed.

Vox moved in the same direction, which presented its appeal shortly after Arrimadas. In this case, the leader of the far-right formation, Santiago Abascal, accompanied by about fifty people, who carried Spanish flags and posters that read “Pedro Sánchez traitor” and “Insult” instead of forgiveness, recalled the previous occasions when they denounced the situation in Catalonia.

“They will end up in prison again if they attack constitutional legality. In 2014, we went to this court to denounce Artur Mas for conspiracy of sedition and rebellion. In 2014, we also went to this court to denounce President Rajoy for negligence in his office, not to take a single step to prevent those who were conspiring to stop doing so, ”Abascal said from the vicinity of the Supreme Court. .

At the orange formation they chose to ask for very careful measures. That way, they calculate that the Supreme Court could give an answer next week. In Vox, on the other hand, they asked for quatellary measures, so they are following the usual procedure, according to which the Supreme Court should not act with any particular urgency.

The PP, while waiting to finish his appeal

Thus, with these two appeals already treated, the argument that the PP will give is still pending. Concretely, the formation led by Pablo Casado is still evaluating how to present its request for legitimation and, as popular sources told LaSexta, the party’s legal team will meet tomorrow to define a strategy.

Right now, from the PP, they are already considering the possibility of using the Supreme Court itself as an argument in its appeal. Thus, the key would be found in a report issued last May by the High Court, in which the magistrates opposed the granting of pardon.

Moreover, from the very formation, the legal leader of the party, Enrique López, underlined in an interview with El Confidencial that pardons “are illegal” and that the line between arbitrariness and procrastination is blurred. “An idea that has gained weight within the organization and which, along with the rest of the arguments that are decided at this Friday’s meeting, will dictate how the popular demand for the pardon remains ineffective.

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