The mastermind behind Iceland’s “Big Bitcoin Heist” says police held him ‘without evidence’ 817
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Arun Yeldho
Apr 23, 2018 at 9:02 PM

Sindri Thor Stefansson has been accused of initiating the burglary of 600 bitcoin mining PCs equipment worth $2 million - amid episodes amongst December and January. Stefansson sparked headlines a week ago after he left jail on Tuesday and flew out on a plane to Sweden on a flight that he supposedly shared with Iceland's prime minister.

However, in a letter sent to Icelandic daily paper Frettabladid a week ago, Stefansson asserted he held with no proof for quite a long time before his escape. He additionally affirmed that the order of detention against him terminated on April 16 and that when police endeavored to extend his custody by an additional ten days, a judge conceded that choice for another date. Subsequently, amid the time of the escape, Stefansson guaranteed, he was legitimately allowed to go.

Stefansson was quoted saying "I have been in custody for two and a half months unsuccessfully, without evidence, but only because of police suspicion. That's what I'm angry about. I have not been published a single testimony, and I was threatened and threatened with longer isolation while isolation took place."

According to Frettabladid, Stefansson's whereabouts are currently unknown, though police suspect that he is in Spain. The stolen mining machines are still missing, and a $60,000 reward for information leading to their recovery remains still up for grabs.

Stefansson said he wanted to return to Iceland, "I'm working on negotiating with the police in Iceland that I can get home without being arrested abroad."

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