Bizarre news in Hindi: British dad obsessed with bizarre fitness passion made his daughter sign contract: father in UK contracted with his own daughter to never be fat in life

Strong points:

A father in Britain signed a contract with his own daughter not to be fat for life, tortured his children to stay fit, now hearsay about torture in court. The children were weighed daily by their father, so the weight gain is known. Sankalandan
There is a craze for fitness in countries around the world. But, a father in Britain did something that is now in the headlines. In fact, this father signed a lifetime contract with his own daughter and sons. In which it is written that his children will never be fat. To fulfill this contract, this father used to persecute his own children. After which, a case was registered against the father over the children’s complaint.

Hearing continues against accused father in court
According to a New York Times report, Rachid Khadla, 56, has been charged with cruelty and assault against his own children. He tortured mentally and physically to fit his adult daughter Amira and his sons Hichma and Karim. At the hearing, the contract was also read to children in 2012, in which it was written that Amira Khadla will never let herself get fat. I will be doing lots of exercises to make sure I never gain weight before I die.

The father often beat
The girl told the court that her father often beat her for her fitness. He hits the head with a spoon and hits the chest with a box. He even threw a chair once at his daughter. The father had also decided what his daughter could wear, who could watch and which show or series to watch on TV.

The children were weighed to check their weight
This fitness father also weighed his children daily. Which shows that her children are not getting too fat. He often beat his children on suspicion of ill-treatment. In court, the prosecution said Khadala’s 27-year-old wife Sara had never spoken out about the atrocities committed against her children. The wife told the court that her husband often gets angry early on.

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