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Maybe you’ve had a car accident before! It could be a material, physical or even fatal accident. And if all accidents have a common denominator, then it is insurance! After an accident, there are disputes with insurers that last for months, sometimes even years …

And many questions sometimes go unanswered despite the police accident reports. How fast did car A go? What about car B? Who collided with the other? All these questions, the answers of which are essential for the victims, whether injured or not, could finally get answers! In fact, a European directive has just made black boxes compulsory in cars!

A big step forward for the victims!

They will be used in all new cars from 2022, and then in used cars from 2024. These black boxes, similar to the ones that are so helpful in a plane crash, could explain a number of accidents … And for example, shorten victims’ waiting times for compensation … the real thing about wrong things … In an accident, loyalty is true and believe the driver is not always there!

How it works ?

A small electronic chip is housed in the vehicle. She will be able to record the 30 seconds before a shock … Here’s what she will record:

The speed of the vehicle at the time of the Chox The acceleration and braking parameters Correct wearing of the seat belt The GPS coordinates of the scene of the accident!

Completely compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the CNIL, the black box recorded neither speech nor images! And the data can only be viewed by insurance companies or law enforcement agencies! After all, the chip can neither be separated nor separated by an unscrupulous driver! Spread the word!

It’s also a deterrent measure. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Igor Bastrakov

The opinion of a specialist lawyer

Me Philippe Courtois, lawyer from Bordeaux from the National Association of Road Victims, explains in an interview with Sud Ouest: “The chip will make it possible to rely on certainties and not on hypotheses.” he expects from Europe! This will make it possible to determine the causes of the accident in the absence of an eyewitness … But it should also encourage the most stubborn to slack off and finally to respect the traffic regulations!

This should also significantly reduce the delays and costs of justice for the victims … The insurers often blame themselves, and the victims suffer as a result! Long and expensive procedures that sometimes never lead to what really happened!

How much does it cost drivers?

At the moment, the European Union has not announced the price or the way in which you can equip yourself … However, these black boxes will increase the purchase price of a vehicle significantly from the outset. Parliamentarians assure that this shouldn’t raise prices much …

But manufacturers are already claiming that the price of the black box will affect sales prices from 2022 … As for the equipment of used vehicles, we will not know in due course! Is road safety really a question of price? Let’s not ask ourselves about the price, but about the price of our lives!

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