Black doctor dies from COVID 19: Black doctor battling life and death in America, no cure found – Black American doctor Susan Moore dies from coronavirus after complaining about racist treatment

Indianapolis (United States)
Before Kovid-19’s death, a black doctor made a video about racial discrimination in treatment, which after his death went viral on social media. After that, an Indiana hospital promised that her treatment would be “completely reviewed from the outside” in light of the complaint.

According to a Facebook post, Dr Susan Moore (52) was diagnosed with the corona virus late last month and was admitted to IU Health North Hospital in Carmel, Indiana. The doctor, who is fully informed of his condition and medical procedures, said he had to repeatedly request medication, x-rays and other regular check-ups while hospitalized in Indiana, Carmel.

He said a white doctor specifically ignored his pain and said he didn’t trust the hospital. He said in his December 4 video: ‘I said I was being held back, if I was white I wouldn’t have to go through this. Her voice was very weak in the video. He said, “Such black people are killed when you send them home and they don’t know how to fight for themselves.”

According to the Post, the black doctor was released on Dec. 7 from a hospital run by the Indiana University Health System, but had to be admitted to the hospital only 12 hours later after a strong fever and low blood pressure. The doctor was rushed to another hospital, Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel, and said he was feeling well there. The doctor’s son, Henry Muhammad, 19, told media his condition worsened and he was put on a ventilator. He said his mother died on December 20.

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