Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas campaigns energize the commercial and logistics sector in times of need

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas campaigns boost sales and logistics in times of need

InfoJobs, the leading employment platform in Spain, registered a total of 145,275 vacancies for work in Spain last October, 7.4% more than in September (135,268).

In October, the labor market closed with nearly 114,000 more contributors than the month before, reaching nearly 19 million affiliates in Spain, according to SEPE data. These data corroborate the slow recovery in employment in Spain and are reflected in the InfoJobs platform with an increase of 7 percentage points compared to the previous month.

Uncertainty over the course of the pandemic, new health restrictions and mobility limitations imposed to control the second wave of infections have not generated higher rates of economic recovery and hiring, according to the figures. . Compared to data from October 2019, InfoJobs recorded a 38.5% drop in the volume of job vacancies posted on the platform, when 236,274 job vacancies were registered.

Trade and sales, purchasing, logistics and warehousing, and IT and telecommunications account for 47% of the total vacancies offered

It should be noted that there are some areas that work better than others. The boom in e-commerce, consolidated after the last few months, and the proximity of such important dates as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas mean a slight boost to the commercial and logistics sector, two of the engines of employment during the pandemic. Many companies have decided to strengthen their online sales channels and logistics and transportation services to cope with an unusual Christmas campaign.

In contrast, the tourism and catering sector stands out, which, after new closure measures imposed in recent weeks, recorded very low hiring rates in October and similar prospects for the Christmas period; Hiring is down from September (1% lower) and 88% from the same month the year before.

Trade and sales, one of the sectors that traditionally generates the most job opportunities in Spain, is repeated once again as the sector that records the most job creation in our country, accounting for 24% of the total job vacancies published in InfoJobs. The growth of vacancies compared to the previous month is 7%, however, they are reduced by 20% compared to October 2019.

Purchasing, logistics and warehousing, with 12% of total vacancies, is the second sector that generated the most jobs. This category increased its volume of vacancies by 36% compared to September, but decreased by 25% compared to the same period of the previous year.

It is followed by IT and telecommunications with 11% of vacancies. The IT sector grew 16% from the previous month. Growth is sustained, in part, due to the need for businesses to accelerate digital transformation processes and expand their online services to adapt to new measures to curb the growing rate of infections in our country. country. The values ​​relative to the same period of the previous year are also far apart; vacations fell 42%.

32% of vacant positions offered a CDD and 23% a CDI

Among the job vacancies registered in InfoJobs in October, a total of 47,179 job vacancies were published that offered hires for a fixed term, i.e. 32% of job vacancies indicating the type of contract. Permanent contract -33,821 vacant positions-, representing last month 23% of vacant positions on the platform. The figures for the type of contract are very similar to those of last September.

In October, when it comes to the type of work to be done, full-time job vacancies predominate, accounting for 55% of the total. 23% of contracts were partial and 16% of vacancies the type of working day was irrelevant.

Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia concentrate 67% of jobs in Spain

Once again, the autonomous communities that have generated the most jobs are Madrid, concentrating 23.5% of the total vacancies, followed by Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia. More specifically, InfoJobs collected a total of 34,202 job vacancies in the Community of Madrid in October, 6% more than the previous month. For its part, Catalonia has recorded 33,150 vacancies, up 24% compared to the previous month. Next come Andalusia which, with 15,483 vacancies, recorded a decrease of 5% compared to September, and the Valencian Community with 14,334 vacant positions, which generated an increase of more than 12% compared to the previous month.

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