Black hole in motion: supermassive black hole moving in space: huge black hole moving in space

The less information humans know about black holes, the less secrets of large black holes can be revealed. So far, it is believed that they do not travel in space. However, its possibility has not been ruled out. Now, in the eyes of astronomers at the Center for Astrophysics of America, an object has been traced back 23 million light years from Earth. It is a huge black hole at the center of the galaxy J0437 + 2456 and moves through space at a speed of 1.1 million miles per hour.

Why is this a rare find?

Researchers studied 10 distant galaxies and their black holes found that one of them was not stopped. They believe this is a clear case of a massive black hole moving through space. The study’s lead researcher Dominic Pacey says it’s not an easy process. He says, “We don’t expect most big black holes to work, they usually just sit.” In fact, their mass is such that it is not possible. Astronomers had been monitoring this feature for five years.

How did you find it?

In this research, they saw the difference in the speed of the galaxy and their black holes. It is believed that the two should be at a speed. If not, it is believed that Black has changed something. For this, the scientists were looking for black holes containing a large amount of water in the accretion disk. These discs are made of a material that absorbs black holes. This water cuts the round black hole at high speed and emits a laser beam of radio light called a maser.

Merger of two black holes

The speed of a scientific black hole can be detected using radio telescopes on Earth. The results obtained in D0437 + 2456 were confirmed by Arecibo and the Gemini Observatory. It detected a black hole moving at a speed of 1.1 miles per hour. However, it is not clear why this is happening. There is also a theory that the merger of two massive black holes could have happened. Due to this collision, they will be in retreat.

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