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After the photo of a black hole first surfaced, the excitement in the scientific world was in seventh heaven and now the photo of another black hole can also be taken. An ultra high resolution image of the jet of matter moving away from this black hole in the Centaurus A galaxy has been prepared. This will help to better understand this process.

jet photo
Study principal investigator and astrophysicist Michael Jansen of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy said that the main purpose of the Event Harrison Telescope (EHT) is to take pictures of black holes, but the black holes studied emit jets . That is why it is important to understand them and also to know how they are made. Astronomers describe the images found in this great achievement as very “beautiful”.

photo of a black hole jet

Why is this study important?
These jets are made up of many black holes. It is the plasma emanating from the accretion disk of the black hole. With their help, the evolution of a galaxy can be understood. Their study is therefore necessary. With help from EHT, Jensen’s team focused on the black hole in Centaurus A and got a better look than before. It showed him the jet. The team found that the edges of the jet are shiny and resemble the M87 * jets found previously.

It also raises the question, do black holes of different sizes work the same? On April 11, 2019, the world first saw a real image of a black hole. The black hole was discovered in the galaxy M87. Its size is 3 million times the size of the Earth.

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