black hole light: Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity proved by the discovery of the light behind

If anyone wants to talk about black holes, then maybe the first sentence would be that not even light can escape from them, but now a team of astronomers from Stanford University has seen it for the first time. of light coming from behind a black hole. This also proved the theory of relativity of the great scientist Albert Einstein. For the first time, the proof of this theory has been observed by scientists.

effect of gravity on space
This study was published in the journal ‘Nature’. In this case, the scientists analyzed the x-rays around a black hole. It is 100 million light years from Earth. It was visible due to the deflection of light under the influence of powerful gravity. In Einstein’s theory, it was said that massive objects affect space-time which can be observed as gravity.

Study co-author Roger Blandford says that 50 years ago, when astrophysicists began to understand the behavior of magnetic fields at the edges of black holes, they didn’t know that one day there would be technology. to prove it and Einstein’s theory can be seen.

What have scientists shown?
During the research, astrophysicist Dan Wilkins of Stanford University observed a series of x-ray flashes, and the telescopes saw other small lights as well. Their “color” was also different. According to Dan, the light that enters the black hole does not come out. That is why we should not see anything that is hiding behind a black hole. We saw this light because the black hole bends space and light as well as the magnetic field nearby.

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