Black Hole News: New Black Hole Study Says Energy Can Be Extracted From It: Energy Can Be Extracted From Black Hole

A recent study claimed to harness the energy of a black hole whose mysteries have not been fully solved or understood by scientists. According to this study, there is so much radiation and heat from the black hole that it may turn out to be the turning point of human civilization. In fact, there is a disk around a black hole that contains many materials and objects. Due to the black hole, there is so much friction in this disc that the energy emanating from it can meet our needs.

Scientists claim

Scientists believe that if the magnetic field of this disk is broken and the connection method is worked out, it can get unlimited energy. Interestingly, this disk is near the event horizon or the black hole’s point of no return from which light cannot return. According to Columbia University researcher Luke Comiso, there is a plasma charge around the black hole that has a magnetic field.

How is it possible?

Luke states, “Our theory says that when the lines of this magnetic field break and reconnect properly, these plasma accelerate into negative particle energy and a large amount of black hole energy can be obtained. ‘This study was published in the Physical Review D Journal and it has been established that the magnetic field accelerates plasma particles in different directions when re-added. One direction can be towards the black hole’s rotation and the other towards the outside.

What is the problem?

The particles that go in the direction of rotation of the black hole can be separated from it. If the plasma inside the black hole has negative energy, this process can generate large amounts of energy. The study indicates that the space-time continuum spins so quickly in the region called the ergosphere that each object begins to move in the direction of the black hole. Here, when the magnetic lines are reconnected, the plasma particles reach the speed of light. According to study co-author Phillip Ahenjo, the high velocity of these plasma particles can lead to large amounts of energy. He says it’s possible according to physics but it’s a technical problem.

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