black hole of dark matter: Kya Hote Hain Supermassive Black Hole Dark Matter Se Bante hain

How are massive black holes formed? Many theories have come out in response to this question. Now, a new theory has been given by scientists in which the possibility of creating a supermassive black hole from dark matter has been predicted. This international team has discovered that at the center of galaxies, dark matter is formed from dark matter in a high density region and not from normal matter. This research is published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The huge black holes, built 80 million years after the Big Bang, have been observed, but their rapid growth has been difficult to understand until now.

What is dark matter?

According to the Standard Model, common baryonic matter – the atoms and elements that make up stars, planets and other visible objects, are transformed into black holes by the effect of gravity. They continue to grow over time. However, new research suggests the possibility of a galaxy center made up of dark matter and also possessing a low density dark matter halo. According to the results, the centers of these structures can be so dense that after a boundary they turn into black holes. Dark matter refers to unknown elements that interact with common matter only by gravity. It does not emit light, reflect it or absorb it. He was never directly uncontrolled.

No star required

According to the model described in the study, this process must have occurred much faster than the rest of the models. This would have created the first cosmic supermassive black holes even earlier than the galaxies they are in. Carlos R. Argules, senior research author at the National University of La Plata and ICRANet, says: ‚ÄúThis method responds to the formation of large black holes in the early universe in a natural way, without having need to grow stars or grow. quickly. “K. Experts estimate that 85% of the universe is dark matter, but no proof has ever been given.

Gravitational signatures also like black holes

Apart from this, it has also been reported in this model that the critical mass required to form a black hole around dwarf galaxies may not be found. In this case, dark matter becomes a nucleus instead of a black hole. This dark matter core has the same gravitational signature as in a black hole. While Dark Matter’s outer halo may also explain the galaxy’s rotation curve. This model indicates that the center of the dark matter halo has a density necessary to understand the massive black hole. The study says, “Here we have proven for the first time that such a central halo can form the structure of dark matter and remain stable in the universe.”

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