Black Sea Conflict: Russia Says US Accompanied Britain Into Black Sea Incident: US Accompanied Britain Into Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin said an American surveillance plane was working with a British destroyer during the Black Sea incident last week. Moscow said one of its ships had issued a warning and that last Wednesday fighter jets dropped bombs en route to the British destroyer Defender to help the ship escape the Crimean Peninsula. Britain has denied the incidents and said its ship had not come under fire and was in Ukrainian waters.

Putin said on a long live broadcast Wednesday that the mission of the US aircraft was likely to monitor the Russian military’s response to the British destroyer. He said Moscow was aware of America’s intentions and reacted similarly to avoid disclosing sensitive data.

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Britain said last Wednesday that its Defender ship was conducting regular operations on an internationally recognized travel route and in Ukrainian waters near Crimea. Like most countries in the world, Britain considers Crimea to be part of Ukraine, while Russia has annexed the peninsula.

Russia called the defender’s move “provocative” and warned that undercover ships could be targeted the next time they attempt to test the resolve of Russian forces.
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