Blackhole Time Travel: Massive Black Hole Could Be Entrance To Wormhole: Blackhole Could Be Universe Time Travel Way

There are a variety of theories about black holes, one of which is that they are shortcuts to move from place to place in our universe. The great scientist Albert Einstein predicted its existence in his Theory of General Relativity, but this has never been proven. However, even today, astrophysicists believe that with the help of black holes, one can move from one place to another in space or time. The last claim is made by Russian scientists. Once again, the possibility of time travel was discussed.

What are wormholes?

Experts from the Central Astronomical Observatory have claimed that the black hole (active galactic nucleus, AGN) in the middle of the bright galaxy could be the path to the wormhole. It is believed that spaceships can pass through them, but there is a lot of radiation around them. For this reason, it is impossible for humans to go there. The wormhole and the black hole are extremely dense and both have very high severity. The difference between the two is that the thing that goes into the black hole can never come back, but the object that enters the wormhole from end to end is outside the universe.

How will I know?

The researchers claimed that it is possible for the material inside one of the wormholes to collide with the material inside. Because of this, the plasma emanating from both ends will come out at the speed of light, and its temperature can reach 18 trillion degrees F. At this temperature, gamma rage will come out of the plasma, the energy of which will be 68 million electrons. . This energy can be detected by NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope-type observatory.

Is it a black hole or a wormhole?

A new study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society investigates the type of energy and radiation emitted by AGN. The closest AGN is in a galaxy named Centauras A which is 13 million light years from our Earth. Around the AGN are usually rings of plasma called accretion discs. Powerful jets of radiation emanate from their pole. The energy emanating from it is much less than the energy emanating from the collision inside the wormhole. However, researchers say it may not be an AGN but a wormhole.

Is it possible to time travel?

In such a situation, the question arises: can a wormhole be removed from another place in time and space? It’s considered possible in theory, but our closest and possible wormhole is 13 million light years away. In other words, not only will humans have to design such technology that can save them from wormhole radiation, but also a spacecraft that can cover such a distance.

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